Breeding Cordyceps Militaris Multi-Ascospore Isolates

Discover the fascinating world of Cordyceps militaris breeding in our step-by-step YouTube tutorial! Join us as we unveil the secrets to creating a new strain of this incredible mushroom.

In this comprehensive video, we guide you through the entire process, starting with isolating multi ascospore colonies on a water agar plate. Watch closely as we demonstrate the ingenious use of petroleum jelly to secure the mushroom to the top of the agar plate, allowing the ascospores to discharge onto the water agar below and germinate into monokaryotic mycelium.

Over a span of two weeks, witness the captivating union of mycelium as they mate together, forming dikaryotic mycelium. We then show you how to skillfully transfer the dikaryotic mycelium to a liquid culture, expanding its growth using a scalpel.

But the journey doesn't end there! In the final phase, we introduce the cultivated mycelium to a rice substrate. Witness the exciting results as we test the viability and potential of our new Cordyceps militaris strain.

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